Hayakawa river at Hakone

Still not a Big City Person

Tokyo was OK, but Hakone is wonderful. the montains are stunning and taking the trains and cable cars through them is like going through the green hills of home. I bought an ice cream cone from a lady in Hakonemachiko (I think the shop was named CHAKA) and the five minutes it took to eat while looking at Lake Ashi and the mountains surrounding it were the most peaceful I’ve had for a long time. I am going to come back and spend a couple of weeks visiting the rural areas and leave the loud and flashy streets of Ginza and Shibuya to those that like them.

They’re everywhere!

Awwwright, on the first plane and on my way to Tokyo!


We can’t stop here, this is bat country

Who shot JR?

Brother John’s aviation

New Yawker

Guitar Wolf. Is playing. Shibuya O-east. One day. I’m in. Tokyo.

Overheard in the lunch line: “Oh my gawwwwd hot dogs are disgusting!!!”

Well….we can’t be friends.

If the office is that cold this early they must be expecting a hot day.

Big. Red. Tuba.

Yo, @freekbass and @twrpband need to hook up. Not sure the world could stand the funk. #twrp #freekbass #allfunkychildren

I feel bad about hopping on my phone to check twitter for a second at dinner but the other table has broken out smash brothers or something on the switch…

It’s my chicken goddamnit

“There is a guy swimming to the Pont Neuf…” “He’s in Seine.”

Ham benedict…I’m gonna need a cab to the next museum.

Now thats a fruit salad.

The Tots


Good morning Philadelphia! Gonna be a hot one.