What I’m working, using, doing, enjoying right now

I like the idea of having a page that is a little more dynamic than the standard ‘about’ page and is specific to what I’ve got currently going on. Turns out the /now page is sort of a thing with IndieWeb folks and ReDecentralization types so I’m snagging the idea.

Tech Stuff

  • On-prem and cloud automation with Jenkins and Chef
  • Redecentralization (blog/web page as primary content platform, syndicate it to Twitter and/or Instagram)
  • Technominimalism (reducing day to day, non-work-related, dependency on digital tech to a minimum)


  • Completed the trip to Japan, still stuck on my 90s jpop and adult contemporary. Southern All-Stars and Dreams Come True are the best bands ever.


  • Writing more
  • Tearing back into Taisho and Showa authors. Edogawa Ranpo is still tedious.

Daily Tools

  • Graphite pencil and Fisher space pen, punctuated with occasional fountian pen bursts
  • Carrying around a Midori Traveler with a few refills for work and out of the house use. Back to using a plain hardcover ring-bound sketchbook as a daily journal
  • 11” Lenovo Notebook
    • This little thing is a beast for day to day remote work. Boots quickly, runs Ubuntu out of the box and stays cool.
  • Kindle
    • I still like real books, but I’ve had a Kindle since the first wedge-shaped version and can’t imagine not being able to carry all those books and converted PDF articles around all the time.

Actual Tools

  • I’ve gotten way back into old-fashioned knives and pretty much stopped with all the tacticool stuff
    • Good old yellow-handled Case chrome-vanadium pocket knives feel and work so much better as a day to day worker than crazy expensive toys from Benchmade or Emerson
    • Kauhavan Puukkopaja and Roselli have become pretty much the only fixed blades I use these days, although if I need a real pig-sticker my old Camillus MK2 does the job.
  • Picked up a Gransfors Bruk carpenter’s axe, this little thing is super handy for any small to medium axe tasks I usually need to do. The straight edge and ability to choke up on the handle right behind the head makes it a great tool for a wide range of uses.

Other Stuff

  • Recently helped a friend out with cooking a feast at an SCA event and had a lot o fun. Part of me wants to get more involved, but I just don’t know that I’ve got the time or the desire to deal with that many more people that often.